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Top 10 Best selling gigs(Service) on Fiverr in 2022

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Here  are the lists of the top-selling gigs or services on Fiverr in 2022 that you can start making money with right now selling Gig On Fiverr In 2022 are


10. Animation Video

Animation videos are videos that are good for promotions like promoting
your website with a video ad, people an attentive to animation videos so it has a
very high CTR that is why buyers are really buying this service, so if you can
animate video you can make money from it by joining Fiverr and start selling
the service

And if you are a buyer reading this article and you have a website,
products, software, business, etc that you want to promote animation video is
the best option and we have different types of animation videos

whiteboard animation services seohacks


Whiteboard animation explainer video

 this type of animation video is 2D which will simulate someone explaining something on a whiteboard and this type of animation video has a very high conversion rate if you are using it to promote a
website, product, software, or an affiliate product and they are very cheap as
low as $10, interested click here to get your whiteboard animation explainer
video is done and if you can also do whiteboard animation click here to signup to
Fiverr and start selling the service


3d animation services seohacks


3D Animation Video:

 3D animation is a graphic type that has motion in order to bring images, objects, props, and more to life,3D animation has been used in the making of video games, films, and TV shows, 3d animation has grown with its popularity.

so if you are a 3d animator you can start providing this service on Fiverr and start making money

9. Virtual

Virtual assistance is when you can do a task for a client, it can be informed of a data entry, receive a phone call, signup e.t.c, so if you have time you can provide this service on Fiverr right now and start making money

8. Website Testing

if you are an expert in web programming that if you see a new website you can help clients to test their websites and tell them what they need to remove or add so to improve their web performance, so if you are experienced in web development you can provide this service on Fiverr and start making money.

7. WordPress

If you are an expert in WordPress website usage you can help clients that have problems with their websites, so you can provide this service on Fiverr and clients are usually willing to pay huge amounts of money for this

6. Backlink Maker

If you know SEO and SEM you will know that backlink making is important for high DR (Domain Rating) and off-page SEO optimizations so the demand for this service is very high on Fiverr, blogger are the ones that are interested in this service

5. Article Writing

If you are an expert in article writing you can start pulling in bucks with this because the buyer’s rates are very high but the problem with this is that you must be an expert in a niche example are health and fitness, make money online, sports, education, how-to, e.t.c, my advice is that you should start now if you can write an article that reader will see value in (unique content).


4. Guest Posting

Guest posting: if you own a blog with the audience, a social media group, medium publisher account, news publisher on a news website e.t.c you can do guest posting for your client may by giving them a backlink as a return or putting their affiliate link on a blog post for them, people in need of this service are willing to pay up to $50 in some cases even $100 depending on the platform you will use for them.

Note: To learn more about guest posting and how to make money with it click here

3. Social Media

social media marketing
is when you promote blogs, websites, applications, and products for a client via social media, it might be to your audience or a forum and it can also be promoted through
ads on social media networks. this service has a high demand and sellers on
Fiverr provide this service for as high as $1000 or even higher
depending on the task.

Note if you have
something to promote on social networks  you can check this out here

2. SEO or (SEM)

SEO means search
engine optimization while SEM means Search engine marketing,

This service is hot
selling right now on Fiverr, client wants to optimize their website to rank on
google both off-page SEO and on-page SEO

(i)                off-page SEO is simply
things to consider off your webpage like backlinks, Domain Authority, Domain
Age, Url rating e.t.c.


(ii)             on-page SEO simply means
the optimization you will do on your webpage like optimizing your title to increase your CTR on a search engine,
Do keyword research on your targeted keyword, adding alt text to your images
to make it show on image search, internal linking, and external linking of your
webpages together for easy crawling for Google bots.



Note that internal linking and external linking
of your page helps Google to crawl them fast.


twitch channel promotion


1. Video promotion

this is the #1 selling gig on Fiverr right now, if you signup to Fiverr today and create a gig on youtube video promotion and twitch promotion, you will start getting impressions which will result to clicks and also sales, so


Video promotion is when
you help your client to promote their YouTube channels videos, twitch channels,
help them get monetized for example youtube monetization (YPP), Twitch
monetization (Twitch affiliate).

So if you know you can offer this service you can signup to Fiverr right now and start doing this.


Note if you find this post valuable, please don’t essistate to share it with your friend, bye.

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