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The Top 3 best ways and Hacks to do Affiliate marketing For Newbies

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We will talk about the top 3 best ways and Hacks to do Affiliate marketing mainly for newbies

affiliate marketing


Firstly what is an affiliate

An affiliate is someone who recommends something, might be software, digital, product, physical product e.t.c and receives a commission anytime the referee buys.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where you recommend an affiliate product through a link which is called an affiliate link or hops link and anytime someone buys you will earn a commission for it. and the best aspect of affiliate is that you just need to get the person interested in the affiliate product, the affiliate product vendor will do the remaining work.

So to promote affiliate products you need to apply for what is called an affiliate program.

What is Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a business agreement between a vendor and an affiliate, So the vendor pays the affiliate a commission for sending traffic and/or sales to their platform.

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Top 3 Best Affiliate Program Websites and Networks To Join

1. Cj- commission  junction affiliate 

Commission junction known as CJ affiliate is one of the best affiliate networks and this platform has thousands of affiliate programs that you can start promoting. Signup up for Cj today as an affiliate.

2. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr Affiliate program is one of the best affiliate programs in the world, what makes it unique about the Fiverr affiliate program is that you are promoting service, and you could earn from $15 to $100 and even up to $150 per sales in some cases and another uniqueness about Fiverr affiliate program is that it as different commission plans up to 7 plans, with this affiliate program you can start pulling in hundreds of $$$ weekly, check this post to learn more about Fiverr affiliate program here.

3. Impacts Affiliate Network

impacts affiliate network is one best places you can connect to companies affiliate programs, you can apply for thousands of affiliate programs and another good side is that the minimum withdrawal in this affiliate network is $10 compared to others which are $100.

Signup to Impact affiliate network here.

The Top 3 best ways and Hacks to do Affiliate marketing For Newbies

the ways to do affiliate marketing are plenty but we are going to go with the easiest ways to start making money with affiliate marketing so they are~:

1. Start a Review Blog website

how to promote affiliat links with blog

A blog site is the best way to promote affiliate offers, you will just write a review blog post about a product or software which must be niche-targeted (Your blog category-related products), and here are the benefits of using a blog website to promote affiliate products.

i. Push notification:

If you have push notification activated on your blog and you have many subscribers there you can send them notification of your new review pst which some will find helpful and will buy.

ii. Email Newsletter:

If you have newsletter subscribers on your blog you can send them email swipes about an affiliate product and put your affiliate link in the email.

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iii. Case studies:

you can do a case study post of you using the affiliate product to solve a problem, with this you can get the highest conversion of affiliate commission.

iv. Banners:

Most affiliate products have promo materials so inside them there are banners that you can embed in any position on your blog, so when your audience clicks on the banner and go to the affiliate page and end up buying you will earn a commission.

2. Social media Promotion

You can use social media promotion to promote your affiliate links here are the traffic source for social media promotion

i. Quora 

Quora is a Q&A website which people ask questions and another person will answer the question, you can find questions related to the product you are promoting and answer those questions, but please try to make your answer word count reach like 300 to 500 words because the higher the words the better traffic you will drive to your affiliate link, and if your words are long from 500 words to 2000 words your answer will rank on google and please don’t put a direct affiliate link on your answers, use a landing page. You can use the Google sites to create a simple landing page

ii. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the places you can make money with they have a high conversion rate. On Pinterest, you can create High catchy pins on,  post them on Pinterest and insert your affiliate link on it, it will start getting clicks and sales.

3. Paid advertising

Paid advertising is when you buy traffic examples are PPC, PPV, Display ad, Banner ad, pop under ad e.t.c from ad networks like

  1. Google Ads
  2. Bing Ads 
  3. Taboola
  4. propellerAds
  5. adsterra e.t.c

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