How to Promote Affiliate Products with Guest posting (Make your first sales in affiliate marketing)

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 How to promote affiliate products with a guest posting and make commissions in 2022.

i will show you how to promote affiliate products with guest posting

affiliate marketing $1000-how to promote affiliate products with guest posting

Firstly what is an affiliate (Affiliate marketing)?

Affiliate (Affiliate marketing) is a type of marketing when you recommend an affiliate product or a service to a
person and when that person completes the order(buy) you will earn an affiliate

So what Is Guest Post (Guest posting)

Guest posting (Guest post) is when you ask a webmaster or a blogger that have high traffic and niche
targeted audience to do a product promotion for which will be a product review
in form of a blog post and they will also insert your affiliate link in the
post, which is any audience read it and he/she is interested in the product might check it out
and might end up buying the product and anytime this is done you will earn a

Best websites for Guest posting (Guest post)

In all my research I noticed that the best website to do
guest posting is a news blog because the audience subscribed to the news blog trust
it, so anytime they see a product review they usually buy it and I noticed
that the affiliate product conversion rate (sales) of using news blogs for guest
posting and promoting affiliate products is usually very high because readers will think the product is a sponsored one.

Best Product to Promote on News Blog Using Guest posting

The best product to promote on news blogs using guest posting are listed below:

Health and Fitness affiliate products

Weight loss
or Keto diet affiliate products

Anti-aging supplement affiliate product

Medicinal supplements e.t.c.

Where to get the listed affiliate products.

For the listed niche which is all in the health category the
the best platform to get this health, product is from NUTRIPROFIT or CLICKBANK but the problem with Clickbank is that it is not allowed in all countries, so I prefer to use Nutriprofit for health products and it is accepted in all countries.

Nutriprofit is an affiliate marketplace where vendors list
their products and affiliate promotions for them and earn commissions, in Health
niche Nutriprofit is one of the Best marketplaces for health products, and they
provide affiliate (promoter) with promotion material including high converting
email swipes, different sizes of banner images for native ads, and some product
even as video materials for promotion, so they have made things easy for
affiliates to start pushing in commissions.

Nutriprofit payment methods:

Payment can be transferred to the affiliate via

1. Paypal

2. payooner

3.Wire transfer e.t.c

Payment is on net 30.

Things needed to be done

1.     1. Firstly signup to Nutriprofit here as an

         2. Find the newest products with a high conversion rate

       3.     Copy your affiliate link

               4. Open your affiliate link in a new tab and read
everything on the page to understand what the product is all about so that you
will know what to write for the products review article and if you want to save
your time you can hire someone to write a review article for you, just give the
the person the affiliate link, he/she will read and understand the product and will
write a product review article for you, Get your professional product review article for as low as
$5 Click Here

5.      5. After you have bought or written the article you will need to give someone who will help you do guest posting, those people are news publishers and we can get them here for as low as $5 here

 6. Make sure you tell them to put a call to action button where your affiliate link will be placed.

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