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5 Hacks on How To Make Incomes With Fiverr Affiliate Program As a Blogger

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Today I will write about how you can make some earnings with Fiverr Affiliate Program as a Blogger.

Firstly Affiliate is when you recommend a product or a service to someone and if that person ends up buying you will make an affiliate commission.

Fiverr Affiliate Program

So Fiverr Affiliate Program is when you refer someone to Fiverr through your affiliate link and when the person buys a service you will earn an affiliate commission.

Fiverr affiliate’s commission plans.

Fiverr Affiliate has different commission plans, and there are:
1. Unified Plan: In the unified plan is the Sub Affiliate plan that when you refer someone to signup for the Fiverr affiliate program account, You will Earn a 10% Cut commission of the person for a lifetime.

  1. Fiverr Business: Fiverr Business is a business plan that when you refer someone through your Fiverr Business affiliate link to signup for a Fiverr Business account and the person ends up buying a service you will earn a CPA commission of $100 and a revenue share of 10% anytime the person place an order and you will earn this 10% revenue share commission for a lifetime if the person keeps buying.
  2. Fiverr CPA: Fiverr CPA is a commission plan that when you referred a person through your Fiverr CPA affiliate link to signup for a Fiverr account and buy a service, you can earn from $15 to $150 depending on the category of service the person buys from, example below:
    Pro Plan$150.00
    Proofreading & Editing$30.00
    Business Plans$30.00
    Voice Over$25.00
    E-Commerce Marketing$25.00
    Logo Maker$30.00
    3D Models & Product Design$50.00
    Website Builders & CMS$40.00
    Web Programming$40.00
    Website Design$40.00
    Mobile Apps$50.00
    Business Tips$30.00
    Financial Consulting$30.00
    T-Shirts & Merchandise$30.00
    Video Marketing$25.00
    Articles & Blog Posts$25.00
    Short Video Ads$25.00
    Social Media Marketing$25.00
    3D Product Animation$30.00
    E-Commerce Product Videos$30.00
  3. Fiverr Hybrid: Fiverr Hybrid is a type of commission plan that when you refer someone through your Fiverr hybrid affiliate link and the person ends up buying something on Fiverr you will earn a Fixed CPA commission of $10 plus a Revenue share of 10% for lifetime.
  4. Fiverr Learn: Fiverr Learn is for new people that want to learn some freelancing services by taking courses there, so if you referred a person to Fiverr learn through your affiliate link and the person orders a course you will earn a revenue share of 30% every time the person you refers buys something.
  5. Fiverr Workspace: Fiverr Workspace is a place where freelancers can bid on a project and buyers will list their project and approve the eligible freelancer, Fiverr workspace is just like Upwork, Projects on fiverr workspace are usually $1000 upward and you will earn 50% revenue share of the person you refer, so lets say you refer someone to fiverr workspace through your link and the person list is project and approved someone for it on fiverr workspace lets say the project is $10,000 , Yours cut will be $5000, so you really see you can make killings with fiverr affiliate program.

Fiverr affiliate program review

Fiverr Affiliate Program is one of the best affiliate program on the internet, and what makes this is that they has different commission plans and also has promo materials for ease promotion for affiliates like me and you.

Fiverr affiliate guide

This affiliate guide will show you how to generate your affiliate link from fiverr affiliate whichis niche or category targeted.

Watch the video below

Fiverr affiliate earnings Proof

To Proof that i amexperienced in what i have wrote here

Proof that i actually make money with fiverr affiliate below

Fiverr Affiliate Best traffic source

The Best traffic source and promotion method for fiverr affiliate are listed below

  1. PPC ads: PPC stands for Pay Per Click, so PPC ads are good for promoting affiliate links, you might pay high as $1 per click for some keywords but it worth doing, platforms like Google Ads , Bing Ads are the best for this type traffic source.
  2. Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing is using social media to promote affiliate links, it can be the free method or the paid method (i) Free method is crating posts on facebook on what you are promoting or answering questions related to what you are promoting and affiliate landing page link or creating an optized pin post on pinterest e.t.c (ii) is using facebook ads, pinterest ad, twitter ad e.t.c.
  3. SEO Marketing: SEO (means search engine optimization) marketing is when you use SEO to make money , it is all about you doing keyword research which is finding low competition keywords and start writing article around them and after that when you post it, it will start to rank on google and you will start getting clicks and leads to you affiliate link.
  4. Guest posting: Guest posting is a little bit similar to influencer because you find a blog with high audience and high DA (Domain authority) and you will pay the blogger to put your article as a post there and with your affiliate link, with this you can start pushing in commissions, i have a blogpost here that will show you how to make your first $1000 with affiliate marketing using Guest posting
  5. Email marketing: If you have a list of some targeted audience emails you can find the best services they will be interested in and send them emails and put your affiliate link in there , i am sure you will start getting leads and commissions.
  6. Push Traffic Ads : push traffic are targeted audience based notification ads, they has the highest conversions but if you can do your service research very well, search or things like, Best seling service on fiverr this month e.t.c and the sweetest part of this type of ads is that they have the lowest amount of bot traffic because onlypeople intersted in the notification will click on it and the are very cheap up to $0.001 to $0.05 per click .the best push ads platforms are

plugrush signup here

propeller ads signup here

Adsterra signup here

7.PPV ads : PPV ads (Means Pay Per View) are also a good means advertising using Videos for ads, platforms you can run this type of ads on is Youtbe, Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook e.t.c.

8.Influencer marketing: influencer marketing is type of marketing that you need to contact some influencer to help you to do a review or a post on you affiliate offers, influecers are e.g Youtuber,Tiktoker, instagram creators, twitchers e.t.c


Note that with all this traffic sources you most use landing page to and filter your traffic, to not get banned and to get the highest conversion you will use a squeze page which interested people that click on your ads will drop their name and email before proceeding to the next step which is the affiliate offer, you can even do upsell or reminder for those that has not buy something on your affiliate link and later on you can still promote other things to them.

You can learn how to build a landing page and squeze page here

Fiverr affiliate marketing websites

the types of websites that you can use to make money on fiverr affiliates.

  1. facebook: you can recomend it to your friends on facebook or even create a post talking about the service they will be intersted in.

2. Quora: Quora is a question and answers website, so you can find questions related to what you are promoting and answer them, don’t spam, just try to give value in the questions that you answered and just put affiliate landing page link, don’t put the affiliate link directly.


Fiverr Affiliate trick for Bloggers

The tricks that a blogger can use to promote fiverr affiliate program are listed below

  1. Free online video courses or case studies: Building a free case study or a free video course that deals with a fiverr services is also a way of promoting your fiverr affiliate, if your audience sees your video content or case study as a unique stuff they will signup through your link and theywill end up buying if they want to practicalise what you did in the video course or case study, note that the conversion rate of this method is very high up to 50% conversion rate.
  2. Service review as a blog post on your blog: You can write a review article on your blog about a specific service, example is . a review video on how to use whiteboard animation video boost their business sales because they are video people attentively watch. if any of your readers see your post as a high value content, he/she will end up signing up with your affiliate link and will end up buying and you will also make a commission.
  3. Hire Me or Hire Us Page: Hire me tab is a type of page you insert to your blog to list services, you can use tools inside fiverr affiliate to create iframes that will list different services from fiverr on your blog
  4. Sending Email Campaigns: If you have email lists of targeted audience you can send email campaigns and sending them an interst based service(what they are intersted in) and you will see that you will start seeing commissions rolling in

Signup to fiverr affiliate program here

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