Google map Citation (1 Best Way On How to Make Sales and Get More Customers to Your Business Place With Google Map) Local SEO.Hacks!

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 Google map  Citation (How to Make More Sales and Get More Customers to Your Business Place With the Use of Google Map) 

Local SEO!


About Google Map

Google map is the best place for your customers interested in your services to locate your business which will drive more sales and clients (customers) to business.

Google Map Overview

Some business owners run google map ads for their business so to get more customers and sales because they know the potential importance of google map to their business which I even still see as wasting of money and resources because you don’t need to run google map ad before your business can show on google map 1st page and start getting customers and sales to your business.

Google Map Secret(Hacked)

There is a simple trick to get this done you don’t need to spend bucks of money on ads and this trick is Google Map Citation which is called Local SEO, On google map, if your business has more reviews than your competitors, there are chances to be seen easily, even to the #1 page of google map.

If a person searches for this ( example: Barbing Salon shop in California ) on google, Google will know that this person wants to cut his/her hair, So google will show the list of barbing shops near that person and let assume that there is 500 barbing salon in California and google usually show 10 results per page, it means there will be 50 pages that will show on google map but the first 3 business ranking 1 to 10 are the possible choice for the customer and you ranked no #1, the person will end up visiting your business place which means you will be having more customers and sales to your business and again on google map, the 1 to 3 are 100% going to get 80% of all the customer’s traffic and only 20% left for no #4 to #10, which means those on the second page to the Fiftieth (50th) page are not going to see any customer organically from google without spending money on ad.

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If your business made it to #1 on google map, it means that your business is search engine optimized on google map also known as Local  SEO, and again to get this done you need to have positive customers reviews, Your need to have more positive customers reviews than your competitors in your local area which will take you to rank no #1 in your area on google map and will attract more customers visit your business place and make more sales.

And note if your business has no review on google map you won’t show on google map but luckily you can show on the fiftieth page (50th) as I earlier illustrated, and you are anxious that what if my business is new and I have no review yet or you have some few reviews but you are not getting new customers and sales from Google map. What you can do is to inform people that you render services too to review your business on google map and you think what if my competitors have thousands of reviews and positive feedback, Yeap we can still outrank them by doing what we called Google Map Citation which is to buy reviews and how this work is if your competitor has 1000 reviews, You need to do 2000 reviews, With this, you will outrank them and you will rank no #1 on google map in the local area.

Have you ever thought that how are we going to outsource for these reviews thousands of reviews are overwhelming But don’t worry you can get it done quickly even for cheap varying from $5 – $20 depending on the number of citations (reviews) so click here to get it done

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and again if you are reading this article and your business is not on Google Maps at all you can also get this done by clicking here.

through here you will get your google my business account and start showing on google map

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